Wedding photography in Bolton

At Claret and Blue Photography, I capture moments that you don’t want to forget.

At Claret and Blue Photography, I capture moments that you don’t want to forget. My photographic style is creative, natural and soulful and I believe that there is beauty to be found in everything.

My favourite part of my job is providing you with beautiful memories which will, in time, become family heirlooms. If you would like to discuss your event and requirements with me, please get in touch.

Below are some of the answers to some frequently asked questions, particularly regarding wedding photography packages.

Can we meet up before booking you?

Absolutely! I currently live in Bolton, Greater Manchester so please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can arrange to meet up and go over your ideas. Weekends are normally busy, but we can squeeze something in if I’m not shooting.

My friend's photographer lost all the photos, how do I know you won't lose mine?
From the time I snap a photo to the time I hand it over to you, I’m a little paranoid about losing any of them.

I shoot on professional cameras that write to 2 memory cards. The cards are separated on the day to minimise the risk. I back up whenever and wherever possible and to date have never lost any photos. I do all that I can to minimise this risk.

Do you offer discounts?
Sometimes. What’s your reason?

Things like mid-week, non public holidays and weddings in off peak months might be eligible for discounts. Full payments upfront, long before the wedding date may also reward you with a discount. There’s no exact rule, so please get in touch and we can discuss this further.

What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, credit cards and bank transfer. I can also provide payment plans when required.
Can I request specific photos from your website or from other inspiration?
Yes. I can’t promise that the photos will be exactly the same but by showing examples it will give me an idea of the style of photos that you are looking for.
I can't decide on a package! Help?
You’re welcome to book a base package and then add on extra components later. All prices will remain the same as when you booked, except for albums which may need to be re-quoted.
What do you need from us before the wedding day?
A list of family photos and a schedule is a good start. If there’s anything else that I need to know, please tell me.
Do you really need a place to sit at the reception?
Yes, I really do. Nothing fancy, just a table with a jug of water in the corner will do. Even the room next door works fine for me. The closer I am to the action, the more chance I have of capturing it.
How will you give me the photos?
Digitally. You will get a designer USB flash drive and an online gallery. All photos that make up the final selection will be provided in high resolution for you to print or share with family.
Do you provide black and white images of all the photos?
I can provide all photos in black and white, but I tend to save it for the photos that suit this style best. If I make an image black and white, I will also supply you with a colour copy.
Your photos are really high quality. Could you please give me lower quality photos for Facebook?
Sure. Drop me an email and I’ll help you out.
Can I share my photos with other people or make prints?
Yes, as long as you don’t use them for commercial gain, then that’s fine.
Are my photos going to look like the ones on your website?
Yes and no. I try to remain consistent in my shooting and editing style so they should look similar to the rest of my work. But each wedding and story is unique and I take inspiration from your day when shooting.

At the heart of shooting in a ‘photo journalistic’ style is a sense of telling the story honestly without manipulating or interfering with what you are documenting. I try to do this throughout the day and shooting at a decent location at the optimal time of the day is important.

How does travel and accommodation work?
Each package has a certain amount of free travel included. Over and above that, I charge a defined rate for travel to and from the location.

Destinations over 2 hours outside of Bolton may require 1 nights’ accommodation. Destinations over 3 hours may require 2 nights’ accommodation, but only if it’s a late finish.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, a 25% deposit and signed contract is payable to secure your date. The balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding.
Can I get a refund if I cancel my wedding?
Deposit are non-refundable, as per our terms and conditions. The cancellation fee can be up to 100% depending on how close the wedding is, so please check your contract.
We live on the other side of the world, or work really strange hours. Meeting up is not an option, what should we do?
I’m always happy to make myself available for a Skype / Google Hangout / FaceTime if meeting in person is too tricky. I can also plan a meeting well in advance to run through the details closer to your wedding day.
Do you need to see the ceremony / reception venue before the day?
If I’ve shot a wedding there before, I don’t need to see it again. In the event that I can’t arrange to see the venue in advance, I will arrive early to familiarise myself.
Do I need to feed you?
Please! Food keeps me happy and healthy. It also keeps my energy high for the creative juices to flow. If you feed me, I won’t drool over your guest’s food!
How long does it take to get my photos?
Up to 8 weeks, excluding delivery time.
Do you edit all the pictures?
Yes. I work hard to make every picture look as good as possible.
Are you finished with the photos yet?
If I don’t contact you, I’m probably not quite finished. But feel free to get in touch to see how I’m getting on.
Can I collect my photos?
If you’re not too far from me and we can find a good time, then no problem at all.
How long do you keep the photos for?
I archive photos for up to 2 years. They will also be in the online gallery for 2 years before they are deleted.

Treasured photos to last a lifetime

Here at Claret and Blue Photography, it fills me with pride to know that my photos are cherished by families for years to come.

Treasured photos to last a lifetime

Here at Claret and Blue Photography, it fills me with pride to know that my photos are cherished by families for years to come.